I’m alive…ALIVE!!!

Yes, friends, I am still here 🙂

My last post was written in the lone week off I had before starting my fellowship training in Medical (Adult) Oncology. I say this probably to channel the blame of my absence towards the long working hours and the exhaustion from studying and commuting to and from the hospital everyday (weekends included). I kept thinking, I just need to adjust to this new schedule, this workload, then I can start going back to the things I used to do, the things I love. Eight months into my first year (I’m looking at a total of 3), and I am still struggling to get to that “adjusted” state.

These past 8 months have certainly been full of life lessons, trials, as well as unexpected blessings. And in the coming days, I hope to start sharing many stories with you. Stories such as–

1. Numerous realizations and reflections from my encounters with cancer patients and their families.
2. Thoughts on suffering, death, and eternal life (and preparing ourselves–and our loved ones–for it)
3. How misery robs us of love.
4. Our son’s forthcoming first communion, and my husband becoming a Eucharistic Minister (a true highlight indeed!).
5. Oh, and our getting pregnant again! (and yes, that’s eight months in, meaning I am now on maternity leave, waiting for our 4th child to be born any day now).

Can’t wait to share all these things with you, my blogosphere friends!


Happy 2014!

Finally putting an end to the silence!

Did you miss me? 

I know, it has been well over a month since my last post. And no amount of business (or pleasure) could have justified such an act of neglect on my part. Not to worry–resolving to write more in the coming year, so be sure to check back with us again soon for more Catholic By Choice.

Happy New Year!