The Compass, The Anchor, and The Propeller

Let me introduce you all to my dashing and inspirational husband Peter. He started his blog (Juan Great Leap) about Filipino Startups barely 2 years ago, and where and how it has grown both amazes and humbles us. In the middle of writing about business partner searching, time management and risk taking, he writes about something like THIS. Lest anyone forget Who directs him, grounds him, and drives him.



When we moved into our new office, we were in a momentary quandary about what to do with a good-sized room that was right smack in the middle of the layout.

We could turn it into another meeting room – you could never have enough of those.

Or perhaps a designated interview room?

Incubate a startup idea (or two)? (such a temptation!)

Then, it hit Pao and I at the same time – we just HAVE to turn it into a prayer room.

It’s obviously not the bottom line-friendly alternative, but knowing our history, it just made too much sense to put a prayer room in the middle of the office. This was our little way of honoring the God who has been so faithful to us and our journey.

Prayer has been absolutely essential in my life as an entrepreneur.

I know “prayer” and “entrepreneurship” don’t really mix that…

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