And the Lumen Christi and Blog-A-Thon Awards go to…

For a not-so-busy-blogging past couple of weeks, I’ve been blessed to have received two blog awards from two bloggers I respect and admire. Thanks to Genesdb of Life As I Know It, and Terry of 8 Kids And A Business! You guys rock (and make me blush)!

First, Genesdb honored me with the Lumen Christi Award for Excellence in Catholic Blogging (all for the glory of God!). Like him, I consider my being Catholic a great blessing, and am so thankful to share in the Church’s history and continuing growth.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  1. Name your favourite saint and why.
  2. Name your favourite part of the Mass and why.
  3. Name your favourite part of being Catholic and why

Linking back to this blog is optional.

Pass it on!

My answers to the questions:

1. Oh, the Saints, how I love them, all of them! And I try to enkindle an intimate knowledge and friendship with as many as I can. But of course, there is one that I can easily name for this–my dearest Thérèse! I’ve already shared about my relationship with her in 2 previous posts, here and here.

2. Receiving Him in Holy Communion!! What could be more sublime than that?!

3. Corollary to #2, and as I’ve shared in No Greater Love, I cannot leave the Church because I cannot leave the Eucharist.

I’ve been thinking about these blog awards, and not only do they help peers encourage one another, they also inevitably increase traffic for the blogs honored and linked to, which is always a good thing! Problem is, I’m still really new to both blog writing AND reading, so my roster of favorites is still very limited. Nevertheless, there are some blogs that I have begun to follow, and have found very inspiring. So whether or not their blog is the “type” to accept such an award or not (which had me debating whether to nominate this particular blog for this award), I’m thinking, their blog is something I wish my friends would read as well. So, why not? 🙂

Very early into my blog writing, I think after about my third post, I received a “like” from a fellow blogger. Curious, I clicked to see who it was, and was surprised (I think flabbergasted is a better word) to find it was Oklahoma representative Rebecca Hamilton. (I know, WOW, right?!) I’ve been following her blog ever since.

Her blog, Public Catholic, has since joined the writing community of Patheos, so now I get newsletters instead of individual posts. Nonetheless, I still get something both informative and inspiring. Two posts that I appreciate most (so far, because I just know there will be more!) are Love Jesus and Hate Religion? Count Me Out. and Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus. Read them and know why this award is well deserved.

8 Kids And A Business also tagged me for the Super Blog-A-Thon award. Now this one entails some considerable amount of work, but Terry, I’m holding you to what you said that the rules are not obligatory. So I’ll be tweaking the rules as I go along.

Here are the rules:

1.  Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2.  They must also answer the 11 questions the “tagger” has set for them.
3.  They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4.  They must then choose 11 bloggers and tag them in their post.
5.  These “lucky” bloggers must then be told.
6.  No tag backs.

My first tweak: instead of the number 11, let’s make the magic number 5. Five things about myself, five questions, etc. Just because.

5 things about myself:

1. I’m a medical doctor by profession.

2. If I weren’t a doctor, I probably would have been a singer/songwriter (hey, I still am…sort of), or a stage actress. What can I say, I’m a performer!

3. I first discovered my love of writing around the 5th grade. Although I think I wrote my first poem during the 2nd grade (nothing great, really, it was about the color blue).

4. I love watching singing contests like American Idol and The Voice (and yes, I imagine what it would be like to be on those shows).

5. I only really learned to cook after I got married, and I credit Rachael Ray and her show 30-Minute Meals as a very valuable teacher.

Wow, that took me long enough. See, five is better!

Now to answer Terry’s questions (here we go):

  1. Did you floss your teeth today? – Um, okay, now I’m going to.
  2. What did you have for dinner? – Tilapia (fish), a Chinese style Pork dish that we call “Pata Tim,” and Roasted Eggplant
  3. Superman or Batman? – Batman! My husband would never forgive me if I chose Superman. Plus my eldest went as Batman for trick-or-treating this year.
  4. If you could have dinner with one person in all of history, who would it be and why? – I would have to say my favorite, Saint Thérèse.
  5. If you had one day to do whatever you want, what would you do? – I’d spend it with my family doing something fun like going to an amusement park, or having a picnic.
  6. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? – Warm, hearty soups. With crusty bread. I love them.
  7. The Flash or Green Lantern? – Flash. Husband’s answer, I’m more of a Marvel gal.
  8. Ice cream OR apple pie? – Is it a crime to answer both? A la mode!
  9. Who said: “Unless you strive after virtues and practice them, you will never grow to be more than dwarfs.” – Snow White? I have no idea.
  10. A horse jumps over a castle.  The castle disappears.  Why is no one surprised? – Who helped you with these questions, again?
  11. Who said:  “What does he gain who refuses the cross?  He increases its weight.” – Easy! St. Alphonsus Liguori! (Okay, it wasn’t easy, I googled it).

Now for my (magic number) 5 questions:

  1. What’s your favorite type of cuisine?
  2. Hamburger or Steak?
  3. Harry Potter series or Chronicles of Narnia?
  4.  What was the last Spiritual book you read?
  5. Have you read the whole Bible?

And now, tagging the 5 bloggers who (hopefully) will oblige and answer my 5 questions:

  1. Raising Little Saints
  2. Written by the Finger of God
  3. Embers of Incense
  4. Catholic Cravings
  5. Messy Jesus Business

Okay, that took me even longer than #’s 1-3 altogether! It’s getting late, I promise to let the “tagged” 5 know first thing tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “And the Lumen Christi and Blog-A-Thon Awards go to…

    • Aaah! Oh, NOW it makes sense, hahaha! I thought #9 came from one of the LOTR movies, and that #10 was a trick question (well, it is, actually, I’m just so not a chess player). Thanks again for the tag, Terry!

  1. Thanks! I really don’t want to follow the rules for these types of awards (they feel too much like chain letters to me) but I want you to know that I truly appreciate the recognition! God bless you!!

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