Make Your Choice

A few years back, a colleague who is a Born Again Christian said to me, “You are a modern Catholic.” 

I then asked him what he meant by that, after which he proceeded to list down the things that apparently made me “modern” (as opposed to, I assumed, other Catholics he knew who were…ancient?)–I was comfortable leading prayer extemporaneously (not limited to Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s); I knew non-liturgical Worship songs sung by the latest Worship and Contemporary Christian bands (and would sing along whenever he’d play them from his laptop); I knew Scripture well enough to quote it verbatim, book-chapter-verse (and on one occasion even helped him find a specific passage he was looking for).

By these accounts, in his eyes, I was more current, more relevant–and apparently, more like him. And less like what most non-Catholic Christians perceive Catholics to be: outdated, traditionalist, irrelevant.

Common sight during Homily?

But is the Catholic Church, with Her practices and beliefs, really obsolete? And is it a stepping away, on my part, from Her age-old rituals and traditions that makes me, in my Christian brother’s eyes, more relatable and worthy of his respect?

Of course not.

On the contrary, I believe it is the Church’s ageless wisdom, rich history, and Scripture-based rituals that have allowed me to grow and mature into the Catholic Christian I am today. Through many learning experiences, I have come to deeply appreciate this immense gift of being born and raised Catholic.

And I write this because I wish to share these experiences with you.

Let me set the tone here, at the very beginning–this site is not a source for apologetics. While catechism and Church teaching may find its way here in support of other ideas, my main focus and intention is to share real life experiences of Christ’s presence in His Church.

Not a treatise on Biblical support for the Eucharistic miracle, but stories of hearts miraculously touched by Christ’s presence in the Eucharist.

Not a dissertation on Marian doctrines, but a sharing of sweet moments with Mary.

Not just an explanation of Church teachings on certain issues, but a confession of real struggles and triumphs of one living out these teachings in faith, obedience, and love.

I don’t expect to appeal to those with searching minds; I am no expert on Church doctrine nor history. I do, however, wish to speak to searching hearts–Catholics who are wondering if there is more to experience in our faith, those who have gone to try other churches but cannot seem to find the perfect fit, or perhaps those who are contemplating leaving the Church for one reason or another. A voice not of reason, but of joy, of love, and of gratitude.

“I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church” not because I was baptized Catholic as a baby, not because I was raised in a Catholic home, not because I studied in a Catholic school for 14 years. I believe because I have come to know Him, have felt Him, have seen Him here, in the life of His Church. I believe not by default, but by choice.

And I write out of a desire that others may choose the same.


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